The Associated Whistle-Blowing Press releases the first batch of “Glitnir Files - Records of the Icelandic economic collapse” . This material, received through - the AWP’s Icelandic whistle-blowing platform -, brings into public account detailed information identifying Glitnir bank’s biggest borrowers and stakeholders as well as relevant track of some its shares movements during 2007/2008.

The AWP publishes this material, which will also highly enlight the SIC report, in the belief that it will enhance the comprehension of authorities and public regarding the Icelandic economic collapse of 2008, being possibly a future resource for investigating local corruption, malpractice and Icelandic’s historical record in general.

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In the name of the AWP, we would like to thank all those journalists, programmers, system administrators, cryptographers, lawyers and human-rights activists who contributed in this release and in our organization for the past months.

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