A much deeper investigation must be carried out on the #GlitnirFiles - Records of the Icelandic 2008 economic collapse. We hope local journalists, authorities and public, well informed of Icelandic scenario, can carry this out. What we can say is that the materials we received regarding Glitnir Bank are in general very accurate and abundant in details - some of them verified by us with sources mentioned in the files. It is important to take into account that a considerable amount of information was also redacted(hidden) by Ljost.is, so they would not compromise not involved third-parties or relevant private details of those involved.

There was indeed a misunderstood regarding “Loans.pdf”, in which share objects were actually considered as Icelandic kronors in one of the sections of file ‘Loans.zip’. Thanks to those journalists who performed analysis on the files and detected the issue. Ljost.is started to publish #GlitnirFiles carrying this very aim: people should be able to research and interpret their own history freely.

Even so, we still feature current minister of finance of Iceland as a Glitnir’s major borrower (in the 13th position) - just before the collapse: https://ljost.is/GlitnirFiles/Objects.zip

This is what happens when publishing the real files. We crowdsource it, we open it to free review and collaborative analysis.

new! As a response (willing to push even more local journalistic analysis), we NOW publish an inner staff presentation, a more detailed document showing Glitnir loans (in Icelandic kronors) to individuals and enterprises - dated September 2008. Values can be verified with those mentioned in the document: https://ljost.is/Loans2008.pdf

Let’s keep making Iceland a better place!

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