On June 19th 2014, the Associated Whistle-Blowing Press (AWP) officially launched, ‘Ecuador Transparente’, its third local whistleblowing platform. The initiative is based in Ecuador and focuses specifically on issues regarding ecuadorian society.

In the past few years, Ecuador has gone through an accelerated process of modernization and development on many levels. However, despite the advances made, corruption and abuse continue to be a widespread problem that neither government nor society have managed to solve. In the middle of a heavily polarized political atmosphere, in which distinguishing right from wrong has become an increasingly hard task, Ecuador Transparente wishes to be the voice of common sense against corruption and in favor of the general public.

This platform, like the AWP?s other local nodes, uses software developed by GlobaLeaks a self described open-source whistleblowing framework for sending and receiving files safely. In order to guarantee the identity of the source the platform works together with the Tor browser.

Contact: info@ecuadortransparente.org